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Jamboree Mission

We are committed to enhance professional capabilities of the students by imparting managerial skills, professionalism, team work and developing entrepreneurial Mindset, as well as winning attitude through ‘Superior Talent Jamboree 2017.

About Superior

Superior University is an Emotionally Intelligent Institute which helps individuals in exploring themselves and influencing others for shared goals. It encourages Students in becoming inspired learners, aspired dreamers and also motivates them to become the masters of their fate and captains of their soul. It not Only produces the best intellect in students through its plan IQ but also makes them emotionally intelligent with its plan EQ, which in turn gives them courage to make the world smile by adding value in peoples’ lives.

About Superior Talent Jamboree

In the year 2016, the student council of Superior University took an initiative to create a thrill in the hectic university routine of the students through ‘Superior Talent Jamboree’. With the aid of flawless management, professionalism, teamwork and entrepreneurial mindset, the student body managed to invite their counterpart from other universities as well. Team jamboree received over 2000 nominations from all across Pakistan, in various competitions including arts, photography, singing, battle of bands, dancing, dramatics, video production, selfie taking, and fashion show. The jury comprised of experts and maestros like Syed Noor, Munno Bhai, Ayub Khawar, Irfan Khosat, Saim Sheikh, Amjad Islam Amjad, Syed Urooj Samdani, Agha Rizwan, Kiran Rizvi, Rafaqat Ali khan, Zareen Panna, and Nighat Chaudhary who appreciated student efforts. Neo TV was the official media partner of Superior talent jamboree. Superior makes the world realize that they need to speak their heart out. There are many things which every individual wishes, but does not have the right platform to achieve. Superior talent jamboree 2017 gives all talented individuals a chance to show their skills and make the world realize that every dream can come true.